Entrepreneur Development program is to create a professional and middle-class Bumiputera. This is done by enhancing the effectiveness of the Bumiputera Commercial and Industrial Community program.

PKNK plays a role in expanding and strengthening entrepreneurial business to become successful and daring entrepreneurial ventures through the Entrepreneur Fund Program, Entrepreneurship Program, Business Development Program and Trade Mission Organizing Program.

Through the Entrepreneur Infrastructure Preparation Program such as the construction of business premises can help Bumiputera entrepreneurs have strategic and viable business buildings in the area.

Among the Entrepreneur Development Programs:

  • Entrepreneur Fund Program
  • Entrepreneurship Development Program
  • Business Development / Product / Promotion and Marketing Program
  • Infra Entrepreneurs Program
  • 'Business Coaching & Mentoring' Program
  • Local Franchise Development Program
  • Advanced Training Program and Enhancement / Seminar