UKIR Mall PKNK Business Complex is located strategically in the heart of Alor Setar City and has been in operation on 1 January 2012. It is a business complex that provides lotteries to entrepreneurs around Alor Setar.

UKIR Mall has 3-storey floor which includes 84 shop lot units and 10 kiosks that has been rented out to traders with reasonable rental rates compared to the surrounding business complexes.

The mall also has a multi-purpose hall accommodating a total number of 700 people. Promotional space is also provided for the sales of goods and carnival sales especially for local entrepreneur products.

UKIR Mall has been selected as a temporary settlement of traders of Pekan Rabu where the Pekan Rabu building is in the process of reconstruction. This has indirectly boosted business activity in this mall.

The mall has been re-branding to the PEKAN RABU @ UKIR MALL Business Complex.